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Some Thoughts about the Question “Would Jesus Spank a Child?”

While surfing around the web I recently came across an article written a few years ago in which John Piper, a Reformed Baptist pastor and author, responded to the question “Would Jesus spank a child?”  It was actually a video of him … Continue reading

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“Discipline” at Church and Clapping

My husband and I love God so very much and have always wanted our children to experience His grace and love and to have a relationship with God, and we have brought our children to church since they were little … Continue reading

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Back When I was a New Mom. . .

Back when I only had one child, a spirited, spunky, wonderful little girl, I did a lot of things parenting-wise that many people  seemed to looked down on, and I did other things that people just chalked up to my … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts about Spanking

Before I had children I assumed, naturally, that I was going to spank, because all Christians spank, don’t they?  It’s the biblical thing to spank, right?  I grew up in a conservative Christian culture that said the Bible teaches that … Continue reading

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