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I'm a SAHM & have been married for 26 years. DH and I have 4 kiddos, age 22 down to age 13, and we are unschooling-ish, AP parents who strive to use Grace-Based Discipline. I have been vegan for 16+ years for ethical, ecological, & health reasons. Also, I love to run and swim. I've done one 50k and would love to do another one in 2018.

My Running Shoes (Altras!)

Last year I looked at a list of vegan athletic shoes, and I found out that the Saucony running shoes that I had been enjoying so much aren’t actually vegan.  Ugh.  So when it came time to get a new … Continue reading

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A Series of Races

This year I ran in a series of four races called the Resolution Series.  There were four races, each one longer than the last — 5, 10, 15, and 20, either kilometers or miles, whichever you choose.  I ran the … Continue reading

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Exercise/Training Notes for 3/10/2016

I’d like to start keeping a journal of the things I do to try and get fit and reach my racing goals. This morning I met my mom at the Y.  She just recently started working out there, after I … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts About Not Feeling Well and About Triathlons

So much for writing every day!  I skipped two days, but I’ll pick up again today. I’m afraid I might be getting sick.  Two of my children got sick this week, and I have hoped so much I won’t get … Continue reading

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Yummy Blueberry Smoothie

Trying to eat more healthily, I’ve been making more smoothies lately. My goal is to have a smoothie once a day. I still haven’t quite got into the habit yet of having one every day, but I’m working towards it. … Continue reading

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Updates: New T-Shirt and Race Results

Well, last month I wanted to write something in my blog every day, and, sadly, it’s been about a month since I last wrote in my blog.  I sure didn’t keep up with it!  I think I’ll try again this … Continue reading

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Birthday List

This will be a self-centered post!  Woohoo!    I have a birthday coming up and chances are I won’t get any of these things, and that’s okay, but I thought that I would make up a birthday list of things … Continue reading

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