My Running Shoes (Altras!)

Last year I looked at a list of vegan athletic shoes, and I found out that the Saucony running shoes that I had been enjoying so much aren’t actually vegan.  Ugh.  So when it came time to get a new pair of shoes, I used that handy list, and I decided to look into Altra shoes, because it says that all their running shoes are vegan.  I’ve been very interested in Altra shoes since the Iron Cowboy ran in them last summer when he did 50 triathlons in 50 states in 50 days.  If someone can do that in those shoes, they must be good, right?  I was so happy to see their running shoes are vegan!  Plus, I’ve been super curious to try out zero-drop shoes.

I ended up getting a pair of Altras for a great deal on . . . okay, actually I ended up buying four pairs.  After I bought one pair I liked them so much that I bought another pair for myself while it was still a good deal on  But I ended up giving those to my younger daughter!  Then I bought a pair of Altra trail running shoes, but they were a little small for me, so I gave them to my other daughter.   So, that meant I still needed a pair of trail running shoes for myself, so I checked out a different pair of Altras, in a larger size, and I bought them for myself!  Woohoo!  So all the ladies in our house wear Altras now!  I guess next I should see if I can get the men in our household interested in Altras!  lol   I’ll try and post some pics of our shoes soon!  🙂  On 4/25/2016 I’m editing this to add pics of two pairs of Altras that we own.  🙂



About Jeri Carr

I'm a SAHM & have been married for 26 years. DH and I have 4 kiddos, age 22 down to age 13, and we are unschooling-ish, AP parents who strive to use Grace-Based Discipline. I have been vegan for 16+ years for ethical, ecological, & health reasons. Also, I love to run and swim. I've done one 50k and would love to do another one in 2018. I'm a Nuun and Skirt Sports Ambassador.
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