Exercise/Training Notes for 3/10/2016

I’d like to start keeping a journal of the things I do to try and get fit and reach my racing goals.

This morning I met my mom at the Y.  She just recently started working out there, after I had been pestering her about it for years, and I’m really excited. So far she goes once a week, and it’s a great start.

While she used the weight machines I (mostly) ran on the treadmill for about 45 minutes, attempting my first progression run.  I warmed up for about 5 minutes, then I started at a slow pace, and over the next 35 or so minutes I slowly increased my pace.  Shortly before I cooled down I got up to (approximately) a 7:56 min/mi pace.  Then I cooled down, slowly lowering my speed over the next five minutes until I was walking at a relaxed pace. In the end I went 4.5 miles, and it turns out that my average pace was 10:01 minute/miles.

I did a speed workout today because I’m in my third month of doing the 12-month running challenge on the No-Meat Athlete website, and doing one was part of the challenge for this month.  The challenge has been really good for me. The first month, January, I ran at least a mile every day.  In February the goal was to add more strength work to my routine, so I began doing five of the exercises posted in The Body Shop: Know Squat? workout a couple times a week, plus planks, in addition to the strength workouts I do each week at the Y, and this month the goal is to complete 6 new speed workouts. I’ve never purposefully done any type of speed workout, so they are all new to me.

Last week I did my first fartlek run (such a funny name), and, as mentioned above, for my new workout this week I chose to do a progression run.  I chose the type called a “thirds progression run” in which you divide your run into three different parts, running easy for the first part, harder the second part, and hardest the third.  Here’s the guide I followed (from the article Start Slow – Finish Fast: How Three types of progression Runs Boost Your Fitness by Greg McMillan, M.S.):

For your first thirds progression run, choose a 45-minute easy run. Run the first 15 minutes slowly, the second 15 minutes at your normal pace and finish the last 15 minutes at a strong pace. While I break the run into thirds, your pace doesn’t radically change after each third. Instead, it is a gradual but steady increase across the run.

I didn’t divide it up into exact thirds.  I had a limited amount of time and wanted to get a warm up and cool down in there, so I didn’t run quite as long as I would have liked, but I think it was good for my first time, and I sure got super-sweaty while doing it, so it must have been good, right?

So today I ran 4.5 miles while doing a progressive run, and then afterwards I used the leg press at the Y to finish up the resistance workout I started last night. Last night at the Y the leg press was being used for a long time, and I had to leave before I was able to finish my workout.  My legs aren’t as strong as I’d like them to be (the rating the test at the Y gives me is “fair” for leg strength), and I did two sets — 15 reps at 100 pounds and 15 reps at 110 pounds.   I stopped doing leg presses for awhile when I pulled a muscle last year, and that’s one reason my legs aren’t stronger.  But I’m trying hard to get them stronger now!

Okay, that’s all for now.  Have a good night (if anyone reads this ;))!  🙂

About Jeri Carr

I'm a SAHM & have been married for 26 years. DH and I have 4 kiddos, age 22 down to age 13, and we are unschooling-ish, AP parents who strive to use Grace-Based Discipline. I have been vegan for 16+ years for ethical, ecological, & health reasons. Also, I love to run and swim. I've done one 50k and would love to do another one in 2018. I'm a Nuun and Skirt Sports Ambassador.
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