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RIP Sweet Kitty

It’s been a sad week. Our sweet cat Percy passed away very early Tuesday morning.  As a result I’ve not felt like doing much and find that I’d rather sleep so that I can stop myself from thinking and just … Continue reading

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Should the Marriage Relationship Come First?

When it comes to balancing our marriage relationship and our relationship with our children, many parenting and marriage experts, counselors, pastors, and parents believe that our marriage must be the priority relationship, that our marriage should come first, even that … Continue reading

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Parenting the “Right” Way

If only parenting the “right” way could make sure our children would always make right choices and would always love God and want to serve Him.  But our children’s lives are not held together for good or bad based on … Continue reading

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Sleep and More

Before I gave birth to my first child I had never had much experience caring for babies.  I had read some about them in books–a little in parenting books during my pregnancy, a lot more after my baby was born … Continue reading

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Back When I was a New Mom. . .

Back when I only had one child, a spirited, spunky, wonderful little girl, I did a lot of things parenting-wise that many people  seemed to looked down on, and I did other things that people just chalked up to my … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts about Spanking

Before I had children I assumed, naturally, that I was going to spank, because all Christians spank, don’t they?  It’s the biblical thing to spank, right?  I grew up in a conservative Christian culture that said the Bible teaches that … Continue reading

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