Sunny Day

Here I sit listening to the sounds of my two youngest — my 10-year-old daughter and my newly-7-year-old son — putting together a long car track on the rug on our library floor. My daughter keeps sniffling because she has a cold, and their voices talking together are so sweet. I love it when they get along so well. I hope it keeps up. One can never tell!

Pretty soon we are going to go for a walk in the park. It’s actually sunny today, and it looks so cheerful outside. We love walking in the park through the fields of grass and the trees and by the lake.

We’ll bring our cameras and try to keep our eyes out for mushrooms, not to eat, but just to look at and see how many different ones we can find. We went last Friday, too, but it was cloudy. It will be nice to look on a sunny day.


About Jeri Carr

I'm a SAHM & have been married for 26 years. DH and I have 4 kiddos, age 22 down to age 13, and we are unschooling-ish, AP parents who strive to use Grace-Based Discipline. I have been vegan for 16+ years for ethical, ecological, & health reasons. Also, I love to run and swim. I've done one 50k and would love to do another one in 2018. I'm a Nuun and Skirt Sports Ambassador.
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